Thursday, 1 September 2011

Momo Station - Review

DSC00908Momo Station is perhaps one of the best things that happened to me in Surat. In terms of food, that is. This colourful joint, located on the third floor of Iscon Mall, is a quiet little place and is usually empty and peaceful and hence, I like it there. Another big plus point is that non vegetarian food is available here.

They have a small menu of 3 vegetarian and 3 non vegetarian momos, some soups, some side items and soft drinks. I ignore the rest and focus only on momos. 
I don’t know when I got to love momos. My first memory of momos is having them sitting down on the grass on one of the slopes in Himachal Pradesh during a school trip (some time in 1999). This was introduced to me by one of our teachers who were an Assamese. She went drooling over the spicy momos, made by a hawker, that were gleaming in the winter sun. I had looked curiously at the mushy, off white coloured dumplings. 
When I came across Momo station on one of the many visits to the mall, I squealed with delight. And hence after, I have been a regular customer there. Momo Station has never failed to delight me. I order any of the 3 momo styles offered – Spicy Chicken Momo / Masala Momo / (don’t remember the 3rd one) (either fried or steamed) and prefer having the whole basket (6 momos) to myself. A soft drink goes well with it. 
I and a dear friend, who had never been to MS before, went there some weeks back and she ordered for Thupka (spicy, tangy noodle soup) and I fell in love with it. 
I have tried a vegetarian momo once, which has minced cabbage, cauliflower, etc filling and didn’t quite like it. It had no charm.
Whenever I am undecided about where I should go for food, Momo Station is usually the place I end up going to. Since it is usually scantily crowded, I can sit there peacefully, with no urgency to empty the table for waiting customers. A single basket of momos costs Rs. 65 – Rs. 80, which means a wholesome, healthy, delicious meal in less than Rs. 100! 
Try Momo station if you are looking for something different and unusual than your daily diet and want to tease your spicy taste buds a bit!


  1. I am a veggie so I will try the veg version!
    Have a fabulous day:)

  2. Try it.. I am sure it will be a good feast.. :)

  3. awwwwww!!! now i want momos :(

  4. Hey Neha :)) you are a true foodie :)) the spread looks appetizing :)..what a colorful and appealing blog...:)

    a big fan of urs :)

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