Sunday, 19 February 2012

San’s Sizzlers


I visited San’s Sizzlers, a favourite of my family, after almost 4 years. My sister had been visiting India and we had to go to her favourite places. Though I do not like sizzlers much, I didn’t regret later having had them at San’s.


The warmth of the green and beige interiors greet you when you enter the joint. Small wooden tables and chairs are set up cosily inside. We were lucky to have got a place because we reached early. Even though it was a weekday, the place filled up quickly with chirpy NRIs soon.


We order for a Stir Fry Vegetable Sizzler and Chicken Sizzler and some mocktails to go along. I look at the stained glass ceiling while waiting for the order to arrive. The interiors are the same as they were before; no changes have been made. You might even find some furnishings being worn out.


We do not have to wait much and our order arrives soon. All 4 of us attack the 2 dishes almost together. I, obviously, go in for the chicken one and get lost in eating. The spices are just right and vegetables are lesser. We finish the chicken and crave for a little more but we move on to dessert, which invariable has to be Sizzling Brownie with Chocolate Sauce. Despite being a non-bakery or coffe joint, San’s Sizzlers boasts of this excellent dish. It can very well compete with brownie of any popular coffee joint chain. Surprisingly, Sizzling Browinie is all that is available for dessert here. Guess, they have made it clear that this is what their speciality is. Apart from sizzlers, of course.

3        1

The food was light and the chocolate was divine. The ambience was sunny and crowd was good. The owner is friendly and warm and the company was enjoyable. What else can a normal human being ask for?

San’s Sizzlers is a place I would like to hit periodically – say, once in 3 months. Move aside, Yoko, San’s Sizzlers is here to stay.


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