Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Good Ol’ Eggs & Bread

Skipping dinner at the common room today was just an excuse to use up the few days old multi-grain bread lying in the fridge. I have been avoiding my dearest eggs for a few weeks because of my skin allergy but my fetish for eggs took the better of me and I decided to have them anyway. Decided to try out something other than the usual bread and egg fry, which is my all time favourite Sunday breakfast.
Gee. I even feel embarrassed telling what ‘new item’ I tried. French toast! (For all those who don’t know, I can’t cook. But I love eating and have a strong sense of tastes, love trying out new stuff and visualize myself being a master chef is my own grand kitchen some day!).
I recollect having French toast at home during my childhood. Mom has been making sweet and savoury French toasts. Yummy! (Mommy, I miss your cooking 17473). I looked up microwave French toast recipes. Found good ones here:
Surprised. French toast is supposed to be bland? I mean, savoury is out of question. Its either bland with cinnamon flavour or sweet. What about Mom’s fantastic savoury French toast with coriander topping? Mom, your French toast still rocks.
Anyway, decided to try out something on my own. While listening to Bombay Funk on, IDSC00854 beat 2 tiny eggs and little milk (maybe just a tablespoon). Spread 3 slices of bread in a microwavable plate and poured the beaten eggs all over them. Sprinkled pepper powder, chilli flakes (Courtesy: Domino’s Pizza) and good old oregano. Microwaved it for a few minutes and voila! My French toast was ready! Ahem, I didn’t put salt and didn’t turn the bread over while microwaving, but still. Had a good time having it with Sweet-Chilli sauce!
DSC00859How can eggs and bread be complete without coffee, my favourite? Ah. Coffee was needed for my aching legs (am I becoming older at a higher speed all of a sudden? I have aching legs since 3-4 days. I am not 30 yet. Not even married yet). Made my favourite cinnamon coffee (some coffee from Singapore) and relaxed on my bed by the window. 
Now, that’s a perfect way to wind up a hectic day!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Surat Central Food Court–Mela

I have been shopping a lot lately. I know, I know, I am a shopaholic and can’t help but shop, but this lot fas for my sister. Anyway, I happened to get a Rs. 50 off coupon of the newly opened food court on the top floor of Surat Central. I just need an opportunity to eat out (especially if the joint is located in a mall!) and decided to use the coupon. 

I food court, named Mela, has started barely 20 days ago. Maybe thats why they are handing out the coupons – so that people know about it. 

IMG00015-20110706-2059Mela, written in Gujarati 

There was just another family present when we reached there. They have taken up a huge space for this – with some 100 colourful tables to accommodate the several hungry, enthusiastic Suratis, I suppose. I loved the colourful, village school type furniture and the walls. 

IMG00007-20110706-2027I know. Bad photo quality. Taken from 2 mp camera on my Blackberry 

The colourful furniture

My favourite piece of furniture!

There are 5 restaurants functional right now – Journey to Jalandhar, the Punjabi cuisine restaurant. Misumisu, the Chinese place. Sanskar, the Gujarati place (I love it already), Cheerz with Cheese, the fast food place, Vadilal Happinezz, ice creams and Cafe Bollywood, the Indian fast food. So, I can sum up that the variety is good. There is a lot to choose from, depending on your mood and appetite. 

The prices are reasonable. We took a Chilly Corn and Cheese sandwich from Cheerz and Cheeze and it costed us Rs. 50. Since we had to spend Rs. 150 to use the coupon, we went in for noodles and a gravy dish at Misumisu. I must say that they are not fully functional and all the counters may not have all the items on the menu available. I am sure they will start everything once th crowd starts pouring in, which would be soon, I am sure, since Suratis get attracted towards food like butterflies come pulled towards flowers. 

The various wall designs 


The glass work on pillars. We give the Gujarati artwork everywhere. A proud Gujarati! 

I ambience was lovely – huge space, colourful furniture and cool writings on the walls. They have tried to make it look like a sort of a village place. The ceiling is beautiful, with bandhini drapings and lanterns. Sad, couldn’t click those. 

I wonder what will happen once the place gets packed with Suratis possessing mammoth diets. 

Since the place is very close to my place and isn’t very expensive, I don’t mind coming here once in a week, to get a change from the routine roti-sabzi. Moreover, Happinezz menu showed some 50 sundaes. Need to try all of them one by one!