Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Coffee Culture–The hip, trendy joint

IMG00589-20110415-2058I'm thinking loud music. I'm thinking hep youngsters. I'm thinking teenagers with fancy hairstyles and flashy clothes. I'm thinking watching cricket on the big screen. I'm thinking trendy couches. I'm thinking Coffee Culture.

Coffee Culture – the latest, hip youth hangout place in Surat. Coffee Culture happens to be an all vegetarian and a little expensive eating joint located opposite Sargam Complex. The foodie Suratis don’t seem to be minding this as I always find the place full, especially with teenagers.

Coffee Culture boats of a huge range of hot and cold coffees, mocktails, pastas and pizzas. Their coffees are nice. Don’t miss their interesting non-alcoholic mocktails. They keep the orginal names like Mojito, Dead Woman Walking and Pinacolada, but it is obvious that they are all virginDSC00191 drinks. I’ve tried their Mojito and fell in love with it instantly. Mojito is a lemon and mint drink which acts like a superb refresher, especially in this hot, humid weather.

I called over a small group of friends there for a get together and we had an excellent time ordering drinks and snacks at leisure, while watching the IPL on the big screen. In case the group is big, you can order a particular drink in their pitcher (in the pic). It looks beautiful (as does the rest of their crockery) and is quite fun. We ordered 2 Indian flavoured pizzas (Punjabi Addiction & Desi Culture) and a continental one (Farmhouse Feast). I cannot decide which amongst them was the best. The Desi pizza had garlic and peas topping, apart form the usual paneer, onion, capsicum and tomatoes. We were left longing for more. I strongly recommend their pizzas.

I did find the place a tad expensive. With a group of 7 people, we got a bill of Rs. 2,500, which is a bit too much for a coffee joint. I recommend this place for couples or trios, intending to spend easy time without ordering much. Maybe, just a coffee or a drink. Definitely not a place to give treats at!

Well, they also have a small room for kids or group parties.IMG00588-20110415-2034
This is a fun place catering to tastes of all age groups. Come to this place and you will be infused with vibrancy and zest.

Average price per person, in case you go for coffee / drinks only, would be Rs. 150. In case you like to order food too, price may go upto Rs. 350/400.

I would categorize Coffee Culture as a lavish coffee joint but worth each penny. Perfect for a once-in-a-while visit.

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